Technical Maintenance Chemical

It is a concentrated, multi-purpose oil remover containing alkaline hydrophilic solvent additives that allows easy cleaning of organic and inorganic oils, stains and residues from the surfaces of industrial machines.


Quartenaire Ammonium Based Cleaner

Specially formulated for cleaning and hygiene of surfaces not affected by water. CB is a product who struggles and destroys microorganism, also allows easy removal of stubborn dirt and oil residues.


Professional Liquid Hand Cleaner

TEMELIN, helps to maintain our skin’s natural moisture balance while cleaning our hands gently with its improved formula. hile cleaning the skin thoroughly, it provides long term protection.


Heavy Oil and Carbon Remover

It’s a high alkaline multipurpose concentrated oil remover purposed to quickly dissolves organic and inorganic burned oils, dirt, stubborn deposits and other residues from all type of unpainted surfaces exposed ..

LT – 25

Oil Remover From Fabric Surface

LT25 is a concentrated multi-purpose oil remover with hydrophilic solvent additives which provides easy cleaning of oil and dirt residues that penetrate the fabric due to various reasons in synthetic based fabrics.