Synthetic Food Grade H1, High Temperature Chain Oil , blended from the highest quality combination of ester oils with highest technology of additives package. CORFINSYNTH ZET provides a longer period of lubrication time compared to standard high temperature chain oils and in the same time protects the chain from external factors.

Thanks to its low evaporation properties increase the lubrication period of time. UNIFORM AND COMPLETE COVERAGE because the lube spreads easily and completely over the chain surfaces to penetrate and coat all of the moving parts. Also by providing trouble free operation and reducing frictional drag, increases the working performance of the system and provides a realistic power cost savings. Synthetic Food Grade H1, High Temperature Chain Oil is registered with the NSF (Registration No. 154695) as an H1 lubricant.

Performance Features
• Provides a rapid penetration of the Synthetic Food Grade H-1 Chain Oil into the chain rollers, pins and sprockets, in high working temperature conditions.
• In regular uses, high degree of solvency will clean-up, breakdown and dissolve prior carbon, varnish and gum build-up. Also provides anti-sticking and release properties so the processed food product does not stick to the chain.
• High Viscosity Index provides a minimum change in viscosity with temperature to give the proper chain lubrication regardless of temperature.

Field Of Use
• In textile Industry in automatic lubrication systems for stenter chain lubrication;
• For the lubrication of roller bearing and link chains of electrostatic powder coating lines;
• In lubrication of the festoon dryer chains ;
• In the lubrication of all type of packaging machines chains;
• In all type of chains exposed to high working temperature conditions in the following food processing industries: Meat and Poultry Processing Plants Paper and Paperboard Manufacturers. Fish and Seafood Processing Plants. Candy Manufacturers Ethnic Food Manufacturers Vegetable and Fruit Processors Cheese and Cheese Product. Producers Bakeries Snack Food Manufacturers Pasta Manufacturers Pet Food and Animal Feed Producers. Oil Mills and Seed Cake Processors Food and Beverage Container Manufacturers.

Shelf Life
24 months shelf life recommended, as it is stored properly in its original, sealed container.

Technical Data

Color / Appearance Yellow
Base Oil PAO – Ester
Density (DIN 51757 [g/cm3], 20°C) 0,91
Kinematic viscocity, DIN 51 562 40 °C’, [mm2/s] 22 – 320 *
Kinematic viscocity, DIN 51 562 100 °C’, [mm2/s] 30
Viscocity Index DIN ISO 2909, VI ≥ 135
Flash Point DIN ISO 2592, [°C] ≥ 260
Temperatura Range [°C] 0 – 250 °C

* It may vary depending on the system used. (68 – 100 – 150 – 220 – 320 cst)

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