Synthetic Food Grade Gear Lubricant H1 , is a fully synthetic hydrocarbon base oils blended with special additive packages that is specially formulated for use in the lubrication of food, feed and pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment. Suitable for all types of applications, in gear oil lubricant especially for CLP class. Thanks to its non-foaming properties, prevents leakage from joint system.

Synthetic Food Grade Gear Lubricant H1 are particularly resistant to aging and oxidation. Good viscosity-temperature behavior and excellent low and high temperature properties. It also provides a good corrosion protection and is neutral against non-ferrous metals, elastomers and the interior paints used in the gear system. Therefore, UNIVER NFC Series H1 food grade oils, increases the efficiency of the system.

Performance Features
• Used in all types of enclosed gears and circulation systems.
• NSF H1 registered for use in food processing and pharmaceutical industries (NSF registration No. 151786).
• Thanks to a wide viscosity range is suitable for a variety of applications.
• With a Non-Foaming property;
• Excellent protection against oxidation and corrosion.
• Thanks to its fully synthetic base oil, it provides a long service life thanks to its high viscosity properties during temperature changes.

Field Of Use
• Suitable for all types of gears and transmission systems,
• Low viscosities are preferred as hydraulic oil in food, feed and pharmaceutical processing;
• It is used to lubricate the chains of conveyor systems operating at low temperature, where there is a chance of incidental contact with food;
• As lubricating oil in closed circulation system;
• Used to lubricate gear couplings, slide systems,
• High viscosities are preferred in closed systems under load and impact.

Shelf Life
36 months shelf life recommended, as it is stored properly in its original, sealed container.

Technical Data

ANALYSIS 22 46 68 100 150
Viscosity (40 °C) – TS 1451 EN ISO 3104 ASTM D445 22 (+/- %10) 46 68 100 150
Viscosity Index – TS 3096 ISO 2909 ASTM D2270 >135 >135 >135 >140 >150
Flash Point (°C) – TS EN ISO 2719 ASTM D92 >230 >230 >230 >230 >250
Frezing Point DIN ISO 3016 (°C) <-37 <-37 <-37 <-33 <-30
Copper Corrosion (3 hour – 100 °C) TS 2741 EN ISO 2160 ASTM D130 1 A 1 A 1 A 1 A 1 A
Foam Character (24 hour – 93,5 °C) TS 1834 ISO 6247 ASTM D892 5-0 5-0 5-0 5-0 10-0
Density (20 °C – g/ml) TS 1013 EN ISO 3675 ASTM D1298 0,83 0,83 0,83 0,84 0,85
Rust Test (40 °C) TS 6830 ISO 7120 ASTM D665 B Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass

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