High Performance Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease, Developed for Iron and Steel Industry for Heavy Working Conditions

CORFIN STEEL offers longer running performance with lower friction, higher load carrying and wide operating temperature ranges when compared to those of normal petroleum based lubricants. CORFIN STEEL provides excellent performance against rust in aquatic and salty-water environments. Prevents oxidation and rust formation thanks to anti-corrosion property.

Wide operating temperature (-20 / 180 ° C),
Reinforced pressure resistance,
Excellent elastomer and plastic compatibility,
Provides excellent rust prevention properties.

Field of Use
In rotary kiln bearings and bearings where the cement industry has high temperature and dust.
In the iron and steel industry, vibratory, pulsed loads are medium, high speed and high temperature in bearings and sliding bearings, turret lubrication.
Automotive, paper, mining, cement, agricultural machinery, bearings and sliding bearings of work machines.
On moving belt conveyor beds operating under difficult conditions.
Bearings and sliding bearings of marine vehicles.
All bearings and bearings contacted by salt water.
Used in all bearings and bearings where high temperatures are present.

Shelf Life
60 months shelf life recommended, as it is stored properly in its original and sealed container.

Technical Data

Color Blue
Appearance Homogeneous
Thickener Calcium Sulfonate Complex
Base Oil Paraffinic Mineral
Base Oil Viscosity (cst) 40 °C ASTM D445 cst 460
Temperature Range °C -20 / 180
NLGI Class 1,5
Penetration ASTM D217 mm/10 285 – 315
Dropping Point ASTM D2265 °C >300
Seperation from Oil (% weight) 30 hour / 150 °C ASTM D1742 %wt %2,5
Seperation from Oil (% weight) 7 days / 40 °C IP 121 %wt %0,15
Four Ball Wear Test 1 hour / 75 °C – 400 N ASTM D2266 mm 0,66
Four Ball EP Test 10 sec. / 1770 rpm Speed ASTM D2596 kg >400
Water spray( % loss) 38,5 °C, 5dk, Max. ASTM D4049 %wt >%15
Water Spray( % loss) 79 °C, Max ASTM D1264 %wt >%1.2
Rust Test ASTM D1743 Pass

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