Textile Machinery Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease, specially developed for Textile Industry.

Needs of lubricants in the textile industry show variability according to machine types and production steps. The bearings, chains and gears can be exposed to heavy loads, high speeds and vibrations. In most of the cases, the machine manufacturers can determines for different friction points different type of lubricants. In such cases, the production facility should be very carefully in choosing the optimum lubricant, to reduce the risk of mixing the lubricants in the system. CORFIN Lubrication, who have been serving the Textile industry for many years, to facilitate the usage of oils and the greases, we offer you practical and economical solutions by analyzing your special requests in our International Accredited Laboratories.

Performance Features
Textile Machinery Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease is a Heavy-duty grease used to lubricate carrier rails and slides, metal ropes, steel cables, cranes, small open gears and chains, especially bearings under extreme conditions.
Excellent thermal and mechanical stability.
Provides operability under a wide temperature range.
Thanks to its high pressure and anti-wear properties, it provides high strength against heavy loads.
Excellent adhesion to ropes, open gears and metal parts.
Extraordinary resistance to water (no significant loss of water even in the case of high water content of the grease)
Thanks to its Calcium Sulfonate soap provides excellent protection against corrosion and oxidation.
It does not contain lead and heavy metals which will harm the environment in human health.

Technical Data

Color White
Appearance Homogeneous
Thickener Calcium Sulfonate Complex
Base Oil Paraffinic Mineral
Base Oil Viscosity (cst) 40 °C ASTM D445 cst 180
Temperature Range °C -20 / 160
NLGI Class 2
Penetration ASTM D217 mm/10 265 – 295
Dropping Point ASTM D2265 °C >300
Seperation from Oil (% weight) 30 hour / 150 °C ASTM D1742 %wt %2,5
Seperation from Oil (% weight) 7 days / 40 °C IP 121 %wt %0,15
Four Ball Wear Test 1 hour / 75 °C – 400 N ASTM D2266 mm 0,55
Four Ball EP Test 10 sec. / 1770 rpm Speed ASTM D2596 kg >400
Water spray( % loss) 38,5 °C, 5dk, Max. ASTM D4049 %wt >%15
Rust Test ASTM D1743 Pass
Speed Factor (n x dm), [mm x min] >300.000

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