GRAFCOMPLEX AG 1500 series greases, are high pressure resistant calcium sulfonate complex grease. It is a mineral based oil for open gear strengthen with solid lubricants.

• With excellent adhesion properties, good resistance to shock loads, protecting gears and pro- longing equipment life.
• It contains solid lubricants, which reduce the coefficient of friction, as well as reduce the gear top point and the wear at the base, reducing energy consumption.
• Excellent anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion properties thanks to carefully selected additives.

• In the cement industry, especially in running open gear;
• In all the gears and bearings that requires spray lubrication;
• It is specially formulated to lubricate the open gears of rotary kilns, gears, shafts of single and double pinion rotary kilns under extreme conditions.

Storage life is 24 months in its unopened original packaging, indoors warehouse and at room tem- perature.

Technical Data

Color Black
Appearance Homogeneous
Thickener Calcium Sulfonate Complex
Base Oil Viscosity (cst) 40 °C ASTM D445 cst 1500
Temperature Range °C -15 / 150
NLGI Class 00
Penetration ASTM D217 mm/10 400 – 430
Dropping Point ASTM D2265 °C >190
Four Ball Wear Test 1 hour / 75 °C – 400 N ASTM D2266 mm 0,4
Four Ball EP Test 10 sec. / 1770 rpm Speed ASTM D2596 kg 500
Rust Test ASTM D1743 Pass

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