High Temperature EP Long Life Lubricating Grease based on a blend of high technology refined mineral base oil with polyuria thickener. With a wide service temperature range can be applied in rolling bearings up to 180°C. If the lubricant is used in central lubrication system, operating temperatures up to 205°C are possible.

High Temperature EP Long Life Lubricating Grease feature highly effective anti-wear properties. This greases are very adhesive and resistant to water both under static and dynamic load. STEELTHERM 461/462 is resistant to oxidation and provide reliable protection against corrosion. The central lubrication system for high temperature lubrication points in the rolling mills ensures the expected lubricant performance at the desired points STEELTHERM 461/462, continues its lubrication performance without melting for a long time, even under a load of 400 Kg per square centimeter. Thanks to its excellent resistance to heavy load, water and steam it can be used in lubricating the conveyor rolls of tunnel kiln , the driven cylinders in continuous casting lines and the plain bearing from casting Crane.

• Decrease the cost of production thanks to its low consuming grease;
• Reduced waste water disposal thanks to its excellent water resistance;
• Excellent wear protection;
• Excellent carrying load and perfect corrosion protection;
• Decrease the cost of bearing ;
• Excellent pompability in central lubrication.

Field of Use
• In steel mills and cement industry, in high temperature and dusty beds rotary kiln working conditions;
• Medium and high speed, high temperature rollers and sliding bearings with vibrating, pulsed loads in the iron and steel industry;
• Automotive, pulp and paper, mining, cement, agricultural machinery, construction machinery industry;
• Fan and electric motor bearings, Generators;
• Working in difficult conditions in the moving belt conveyor bed;
• Turret lubrication;
• Crane mechanisms;
• Can be used in marine vehicles;

Shelf Life
36 months shelf life recommended, as it is stored properly in its original, sealed container

Technical Data

Color Beige
Appearance Homogeneous
Thickener Polyurea
Base Oil Paraffinic Mineral
Base Oil Viscosity (cst) 40 °C ASTM D445 cst 550
Temperature Range °C -10 / 180
NLGI Class 2
Penetration ASTM D217 mm/10 265 – 295
Dropping Point ASTM D2265 °C >240
Seperation from Oil (% weight) 30 hour / 150 °C ASTM D1742 %wt %6,50
Seperation from Oil (% weight) 7 days / 40 °C IP 121 %wt %0,01
Four Ball Wear Test 1 hour / 75 °C – 400 N ASTM D2266 mm 0,45
Four Ball EP Test 10 sec. / 1770 rpm Speed ASTM D2596 kg >400
Water spray( % loss) 38,5 °C, 5dk, Max. ASTM D4049 %wt %45
Rust Test ASTM D1743 Pass

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