CORFIN Gear Oil is a high performance multipurpose heavy duty, mineral based Gear oil, brown-yellow color with a high viscosity index, strengthen with extreme pressure (EP) and special additives. With a –15 °C and 120 °C working temperature range (accordingly to its viscosity index), shows a long-term performance without deteriorating its chemical and thermal stability.

Performance Features
• An excellent inter-system forces conductor;
• Prevent abrasions;
• Reduce friction;
• Provides superior protection against corrosion;
• Resistant to aging and oxidation resistance;
• Does not generate foam;
• An excellent relation between Viscosity and Temperature (High viscosity index);
• Its properties are retained even under heavy load working conditions.
• It is natural against metal surfaces to be used (it does not affect parts such as copper, iron, elastomer etc.)

Usage Areas
• In cycling, splashing or sprayable lubricating systems
• In worm gear mechanism
• Heavy duty gear boxes
• In cradles ,chains and gear boxes
• Central lubrication of sliding, roller bearings

Storage conditions are essential to ensure product performance by avoiding the introduction of water, particles, and oxidations by wet air, pollutants or corrosion. The storage life, in original closed cans, should not exceed 36 months.

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