CORFINOIL SNT-HTO 32; is a high-performance, full-synthetic heat transfer oil intended for use in closed systems ,indirect heating installations, high resistance to thermal degradation and chemical oxidation, which prolongs the service life of the system by reducing the tendency to form sediments and sludge.

It has been designed to have successful heat transfer properties such as specific heat and high thermal conductivity to help achieve rapid heat dissipation that can lead to an increase in the efficiency of the entire system.

Performance Features
• It protects its viscosity and oil film thickness at high temperatures, thus helping to protect equipment.
• Maintain fluidity at very low temperatures for easy start-up;
• Does not form sludge and sediment, its intervention to heat transfer ability is minimum and maintenance needs are at the lowest level.
• Provides long-lasting effective lubrication thanks to anti-foam.
• Thermal properties are successful. It can help improve the efficiency of the heat transfer system
• Does not affect copper, alloy, elastomer, paint, gasket and plastic parts in the system.
• Keeps the system clean during the long term.

Usage Areas
Can be used in all closed systems with temperatures up to 300 ° C

Storage conditions are essential to ensure product performance by avoiding the introduction of water, particles, and oxidations by wet air, pollutants or corrosion. The storage life, in original closed cans, should not exceed 24 months.

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