It is a high quality mineral based oil developed for screwed and palette type compressors. With superior performance additives and high quality base oils, it meets the specifications of leading compressor manufacturers.

Performance Features
• Zinc-free technology prevents sediment formation;
• Thanks to its superior oxidation stability it improves the service life even under difficult conditions;
• Low evaporation feature minimizes fat loss;
• It provides excellent temperature stability even in high operating conditions;
• Provides high protection against rusting and abrasion in compressor;
• Provides high performance thanks to advanced water and air separation capabilities;
• Extends the service life of filter elements;
• Extend oil change intervals.

Usage Areas
It has been developed for use in lubricating and cooling all kinds of screw and palette type compressors.
Compatible with sealing elements used in compressors.

Storage conditions are essential to ensure product performance by avoiding the introduction of water, particles, and oxidations by wet air, pollutants or corrosion. The storage life, in original closed cans, should not exceed 24 months.

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