High Performance Needle and Sinkers Oil ; CORFIN Lubrication, a leading brand of specialty lubricants in Turkey, continuously improves high performance oils. CORFIN Lubrication took a high appreciation from its customers with ARMONI 22/32/46 series textile oil product specially designed for needles and sinkers in circular knitting machines.

High Performance Needle and Sinkers Oil oil is the newest product in the market developed with high performance additives and base oils. The advantage of the latest technology is meeting the latest requirements in higher spinning rate. Our esteemed end-users in knitting industry are well aware of the many problems faced with synthetic base oils; it may damage the paint layer or plastic parts of the machine, coating of power cables, controlling systems and may cause needles and sinkers corrosion; it may constantly damage the yarn especially elastane fibers. Therefore, CORFIN Lubrication R&D scientists developed a new ARMONI series for needles and sinkers textile oil series, which shows an excellent paint and plastic compatibility, preferred to use the complex base oils produced by converting natural gas to liquid with Pure Plus technology.

ARMONI series – Circular Knitting Machine Oil is formulated with complex base oils produced by Pure Plus technology and high performance additives. It guarantees the predicted service life of your machine, longer oil change interval and economic efficiency by minimizing maintenance and spare part (especially needles) costs.

ARMONI series oil is formulated to be a truly washable oil in case of contact with fabric. In recent years, increasing the numbers of circular knitting machines, needles movements is completed in a very short distance and time. The main reason why it is necessary to choose the right lubricating oil in the system is to protect from corrosion and wear to increase life time of needles. Choosing a high performance lubricating oil in knitting machines has become a necessity.

Performance Features
• Due to its high wetting ability, it spreads very quickly in the areas where it is applied and lubricates the machine faster;
• Reduces to minimum values the mechanical vibration and noise;
• Excellent protection against wear on knitting equipment and reduces the need of maintenance;
• Compatible with electronic control systems with elastane fibers and commonly used synthetic fibers as well as neutral towards conventional sealing materials and plastics, thanks to its special base oils and additives;
• Maintains operational purity without resin formation or gummy residues;
• Excellent stability of lubricating film provides a high lubrication ability and a long term grease;
• Extends the use time of needle and sinkers;
• Reduces the heat generated by friction and keeps the parts at a minimum temperature;
• Suitable for automatic lubrication systems of knitting machines;
• Washable through conventional washing processes.

Usages Areas
ARMONI 22/32/46 – Textile knitting Oils lubricates needles, sinkers, needle cams and needle cylinders. In addition, it helps clean the needle gutters and prolong the life of the needle and sinkers.

Application Notes
ARMONI 22/32/46 – Before changing Textile Oils needle and sinkers oils, make sure that the oil tankers are completely drained and the oil cartridges are cleaned thoroughly. Needle oils should never be mixed with different types of oils.

ARMONI 22/32/46 – Textile Oils are dosed with conventional oil feed.

ARMONI 22/32/46 – Textile Oils ISO VG is available in 22, 32 and 46 viscosity grades. For this reason it can be used for circular and flatbed knitting machines.

We recommend that the amount of oil be monitored and rearranged if necessary. Needle, platinum, etc. material exchanges and periodic maintenance with CORFINOIL TEX CLEAN which is a high performance cleaner. CORFINOIL TEX CLEAN will provide a harmonious working process since it has the same chemical structure as ARMONI 22/32/46. It is highly recommended.

Shelf Life
Recommended storage environment is indoors at room temperature. Protect from extreme cold.
Storage life is 24 months in its unopened original packaging, indoors warehouse and at room temperature.

Technical Data

ANALYSIS 22 32 46
Base Oil White Oil White Oil White Oil
Color – Appearance Homogeneous – Clear Homogeneous – Clear Homogeneous – Clear
Number of Colors (ASTM D1500) <0,5 <0,5 <0,7
Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM D445 – 100 °C) 4 – 4,8 5 – 5,8 6 – 6,8
Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM D445 – 40 °C) 22 32 46
Flash Point (ASTM D92) >190 >190 >190
Yield Point (ASTM D97) <-5 <-5 <-5
Density (ASTM D1298) 0,84 0,84 0,84
Rust Test (ASTM D665) No Rust No Rust No Rust
Refraction Index (DIN 51423) 1,4770 – 1,4790 1,4780 – 1,4800 1,4790 – 1,4810
Washing Test (80 °C / 30 min) Completely with 0,5gr Completely with 0,5gr Completely with 0,5gr
Machine Thickness (Needles / 1 inc) 22 – 28 18-28 12-18
Emulsion (1:1 / 2H) Pure Water Light Milk Light Milk Light Milk

The statements made in this publication are according to our present knowledge. They do not absolve the user from own examinations. A legally binding assurance of certain properties or suitability for a specific use can no be derived from our statements. Possibly existing laws and regulations concerning the handling and use of our products have to be observed by the receiver of our products himself.