Specialty Lubricants and Greases Manufacturer

1993 to the present, we continue to provide benefits to the world industry and maintain our partnership with you.

They produce professional solutions with their technical team. In addition to standard products, they provide products with different solution proposals to their customers, thus providing much more benefits compared to other competitors.
Quality has been a priority since its establishment. The products produced in Akoni facilities are the result of R&D and UR&D studies. Products produced with micro production in demo production laboratories are tested and analyzed internationally according to ASTM, TSE, DIN and IP standards. After production in fully automated Akoni facilities, they reach you within the framework of a professional supply chain with the approval of quality control laboratories.

" Industrial Support Force"
Our Brands

Our International Laboratories

(Lubricants and Greases)

Our laboratory conducts analysis and performance tests of petroleum and petroleum derivatives (lubricants, greases, fuels, kerosene, solvents, fuel oil, asphalt, wax) and more.

(Food and Pharma)

In Akoni Microbiology Laboratory, in addition to general microbiological analyses, we also conduct analyses of Food, Water, Cosmetics, Soil, and Feed.

General Chemistry
(Cleaning and Hygiene)

We carry out numerous tests with state-of-the-art equipment to determine the chemical and physical properties, performance, and stability of analysis requests received from you.

Our International Certifications