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Akoni Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş., accelerated their investments of corporate machinery and equipment, for the rapidly growing industrialization efforts since 1993. Our production facility is established in Osmaniye Industrial zone, on a 7.000 square meters, equipped with the latest technology and fully automated production facility. Akoni Kimya San. ve Tic. A.Ş, closely following science and technology, form the modern research and the development, and quality control laboratories, by cooperating with the Universities and field of Tribology, procurement of raw materials, finish goods and inventory, quality control and all performance test are maintained meticulously by our chemists and biologists who are experts in their own fields.

The demo production facility, formed with the Research and Development laboratory, ensured that the problems are avoided , which might occurred in pre-production and post-production by carrying out al performance tests.

AKONI KİMYA AŞ certified by International Certification Centers, continues to manufacture specific lubricants on behalf of the internationally registered CORFIN Lubrication brand.

By taking the after sales services as principle, our specialized sales team ensures that our products are used in accordance with the operating structure. Our company, which exports 80% of its production abroad under the brand name of CORFIN Lubrication, aimed to be a worldwide brand in the industry.


Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease

CORFIN STEEL offers longer running performance with lower friction, higher load carrying and wide operating temperature ranges when compared to those of normal petroleum based lubricants.

Textile Calcium Sulfonate Complex

Needs of lubricants in the textile industry show variability according to machine types and production steps. The bearings, chains and gears can be exposed to heavy loads, high speeds and vibrations.

PTFE High-Temperature Grease

AKOBERTA 55/2 PTFE base oils, High- Temperature grease, friction points exposed to tribilogical stresses has become very excessive nowadays. It’s combating with high and variable temperatures.

High Temperature Mounting Paste

Akopaste 900 – High temperature Mounting Paste, is a special paste containing solid lubricant. Which is used for high pressure casting of non-ferrous metals. Fluid mold releases agents sometimes ..

Multipurpose White Grease

ALBA 2 is a multipurpose white grease developed by Corfin Lubrication team. It is a multipurpose grease with lithium complex soap, with a good adhesion properties in applications and with a long-lasting in different applications.

High Temp. General Purpose Grease

AKOBERTA 55/2 PTFE base oils, High- Temperature grease, friction points exposed to tribilogical stresses has become very excessive nowadays. It’s combating with high and variable temperatures.

Synthetic Polyurea Grease

CORFINSYNTH PE 461 has unique features of synthetic hydrocarbon base oil strengthened by high quality polyuria thickener, which shows a superior performance in high temperature working conditions.

Graphite Open Gear Grease

GRAFCOMPLEX AG 1500 Graphite Open Gear Grease series greases, are high pressure resistant calcium sulfonate complex grease. It is a mineral based oil for open gear strengthen with solid lubricants.

Multipurpose Lithium Based Grease

SPECIAL 0-00-000-1-2-3- multipurpose lithium based grease; is a general purpose grease based on a blend of mineral base oil and lithium soap , strengthen with extreme pressure EP additives. With a –20 and 130 °C working temperature,

High Temp. Bentonite Grease

Startherm 462- High temperature Bentonite lubrication grease, thickened with extra high performance kiln, designed for high speed and high temperature applications, or for lubrication of sliding and ball bearings

High Temp EP Long Life Grease

High temperature, EP Long life lubricating grease based on a blend of high technology refined mineral base oil with polyuria thickener. With a wide service temperature range can be applied in rolling bearings

High Speed Barium Complex Grease

UNIFLEX BES 15 is made from a combination of high performance ester oil, synthetic hydrocarbon oil and barium complex soap. Perfect lubrication grease for needle roller bearings.

EP Additives, Heavy Duty Grease

CORFIN POLY 2 EP produced from paraffinic mineral oil and lithium soap. Thanks to EP additives in its content, shows an excellent heavy load-bearing and corrosion protection properties.

High Temp General Purpose Grease

CORFIN SW – 2, high technology production line, formulated with mineral based oils and silicate thickener. Thanks to high viscosity base oils shows a good pompabilty in proper pressures systems.

Paraffinic Hydraulic System Oil

Superior hydraulic system lubricant oil that meets the specifications required by industrial environments, operating under difficult working conditions. With a working temperature between –30 ⁰C and 110 °C

CERAX 4602
Food and Pharm. Industry Grease

CERAX 4602 – H1 Food and Pharm. Industry Grease is a high-tech synthetic food grease designed for bearings and lubrication points where high temperature is required, aplicable in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Synthetic Food Grease H1

High performance H1 approved food grease, formulated with SHC Synthetic hydrocarbon base oils and new generation thickener, special designed for bearings and lubrication points used in food ..

Certified Aluminum Complex Grease

H2 Certified Aluminum Complex Grease , formulated with highly refined paraffinic mineral base oil and aluminum complex thickener; It is a high-technology white general purpose food grease

Our Laboratories

Grease & Oils Laboratory

Our R&D Laboratory, pride of our factory, continues researches on new products in partnership with TUBİTAK. Also P&D laboratory carries out 200 different tests within the framework of ASTM, DIN, IP, TSE standards.Our ISO 17025 Certified Laboratories continue their consultative work with the valuable scientists of universities.

Our Quality Control Laboratory, according to the needs of our customers, continues to work in order to give reliable service before and after sales and establish control parameters for each product at every stage of production from the entry of the raw materials to the delivery of the product into the warehouse.

Chemical Laboratory

Our R&D and Quality Control Laboratories within our company, continue their activities with many tests that determine chemical and physical specifications, performance and commitments of products manufactured and also raw materials with latest technology devices fully compatible to accreditation.

Our laboratory which carries out the work of ISO 17025 accreditation performs all the tests according to the standard norms of ASTM (Americal Standard Test Method), DIN (German Standard Test Method) and TS (Turkish Standard Test Method).


Microbiology Laboratory

Microbiology laboratory of our company is established as a result of R&D project work jointly with TUBİTAK and began to serve in 2011. Our laboratory performing analysis in the field of Medical Microbiology as a priority, also added Food, Water and Cosmetic Microbiology analysis in its long list

All our laboratory services are performed by the national and international standard methods. Service quality and customer satisfaction are always our priority. Our rapidly developing laboratories with the efforts to improve in accordance with the principles of reliability and neutrality continue their work with masters of chemists, biologists and food engineers.

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