Our production facilities, located on a 7000 sqm area, have a fully automated process with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of high-quality products and a storage capacity of 80,000 tons. Our company closely follows science and technology and collaborates with universities that provide education in chemical technologies and tribology.

From raw material procurement to finished product inventory, all performance tests, quality control, and durability life analyses are meticulously carried out by our expert chemists and biologists. With the demo production facility we have established in our R&D laboratory, all possible problems before and after production are prevented, and all performance tests are conducted to ensure the smooth preparation of products.

Our company is certified by international certification centers and continues to produce specific products with internationally registered trademarks.

Our internationally certified Corfin branded products are offered to domestic and international markets. Our sales engineers reach our industrial customers without using any intermediaries.